Quick Start

July 31, 20192 min read.

Quick Start
Quick Start




  • Contentful as CMS
  • Progressive Web app
  • Offline support
  • RSS feed
  • SEO friendly
  • Tags


You don't need to start a gatsby site, you only need to install a couple of dependencies and create a gatsby-config.js, that's it.

The folder structure of the demo site is just two files!

mkdir my-blog
cd my-blog
npm init
npm i gatsby react react-dom @afuh/gatsby-theme-minimal

Automatically upload a Post content model into your Contentful space:

npm explore @afuh/gatsby-theme-minimal -- npm run setup

You will need to provide a Space ID and a Management token. You can find both keys here: app.contentful.com → Space Settings → API keys.

If instead you prefer to do it manually, check here


Create a gatsby-config.js, add the theme with your settings and you are good to go. If you want to know more about the Contentful options check gatsby-source-contentful

// gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: "@afuh/gatsby-theme-minimal",
      options: {
        contentful: {
          spaceId: "your Contentful space id",
          accessToken: "your Contentful access token"
        title: "Your title",
        description: "Your description",
        siteUrl: 'https://example.com', // no trailing slash

Start it up!

gatsby develop

Override theme colors

Gatsby themes provide something called Component Shadowing, which allows us to override or modify components in the theme.

In order to change the color scheme you have to shadowing theme.js. To do this, in your project create a src/@afuh/gatsby-theme-minimal/theme.js folder structure. If you want to know more about Component Shadowing, check here.

You can override the following defaults:

// theme.js
export default {
  primary: "#212129",
  secondary: "#FEFEFE",
  accent: "#78ff78",
  gray: "#9F9FA3",
  softGray: "#9F9FA31a",
  postWidth: 600

Favicon and manifest cover

The theme is going to create a theme-content folder with an image inside, this image is used as a favicon and Manifest image. You can replace it and use your own image. Be sure to use the same file name: icon-512x512.png